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Day 165 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Bawdy Humor (SFW)

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’m celebrating with verve and elan (I’ve been doing a lot of crossword puzzles lately). And … I am taking a tiny bit of a risk with my blog today. Just as a heads up … the jokes and images here are safe for work, because I wouldn’t post anything TOO risky here.

I love ribald humor. I laugh uproariously at off-color (and even slightly off-color) humor. I’m incredibly fortunate that Greg not only appreciates my sense of humor, but encourages it. In fact, sometimes he goes even further than me. The first piece of “art” I found that touched on that edginess hangs prominently in our home bar.

My first bawdy sign was pretty mild.

From that first quote, we’ve moved a couple of times and now have a full bar in our home. Scattered about are sayings and images of decidedly “adult” humor.

There are a lot of adult-themed items in our bar.

On our back patio, leading to the pool, we’ve hung a sign that speaks to our love of the racy and slightly raunchy.

This sign speaks for itself.

Our friends and family know our love of the off-color. Greg is fond of telling people we “live on the edge of inappropriateness.” It’s easier to be this way in our neighborhood where everyone is significantly over the age of 18. My daughter repeatedly rolls her eyes when one of her kids questions a particular item. We know when to pull it back and exercise caution when meeting new people lest we scare them away with a little too much as a first impression.

A festive elf bottle stopper shows off her legs.

I’m grateful for being able to embrace my audacity. Humor can be a very personal thing and mine is a little wilder than many. Sharing it brings me joy.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Don’t be afraid to be a little audacious.

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