Gratitude and Joy

Day 166 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – A Milestone Birthday

Today I am 60 years old! I could hide from my age, but, why? It’s been an incredible life and I am grateful to be able to continue living it.

My beginnings were humble. My dad was a young Airman, my mom a bright-faced 22 year-old.

I was just one year old here.

As a child I was fortunate to travel a lot. As an active duty member of the Air Force, my dad was reassigned regularly. We moved from New York to Nebraska back to New York to Nevada and to a Chicago suburb before I started school.

I was officially the middle child when my baby sister was born and not quite old enough for school.

I went to nearly a dozen schools before I graduated from high school in Illinois.

My senior year photo.

For me, it was off to college. Within a year I dropped out and enlisted in the Air Force to serve my country. 

Ready for a formal dinner in my uniform.

In 60 years, I’ve lived in 14 states and four different countries. I’ve traveled to five of the seven continents and won’t stop ‘til I’ve checked off the final two boxes. I’ve had crazy adventures, met fabulous people and seen things many people only dream of seeing.

Several years ago I visited the Taj Mahal.

I’ve broken hearts and had mine broken. I am grateful for almost lifelong friends I stay in touch with and visit when I can … and for new friends I continue to make.

Our gang still stays in touch.

I have two great kids and six incredible grandkids who make me proud each and every day. I have the love of a man who embraces my quirks, shares my sense of wonder and wanderlust and fills my days with gratitude and joy.

This guy always know how to make me smile and feel loved.

Why would I hide from any of that? I am thrilled to still be alive and kicking and ready to take on any adventure that crosses my path.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Keep exploring forever.

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3 thoughts on “Day 166 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – A Milestone Birthday”

      1. thank you for replying i often write on the posts i read and you’re one of the few that has responded and i appreciate that ( i was beginning to feel a little invisible,) love and respect right back to you


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