Gratitude and Joy

Day 203 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy -Little Things – Part Two

I wanted to start this blog with a quote about “the little things.” When I did a google search, though, I got a ton of pretty images that all say the same thing – enjoy the little things. Most were unattributed, a few included an extra thought or two. Essentially, they all said what I am grateful for … the little things make a big difference. 

It’s waking up in the morning with your head perfectly cradled in your pillow. It took me years to find the perfect pillow, but it makes such a huge difference. After all, we spend a third of our life in bed, your pillow and your sheets matter.

Comfy and cozy.

It’s stepping into the kitchen and having everything I need for my morning coffee in one place. Not just a single place, mind you, but organized and easy to use. The coffee, coffee pot, scoop and my favorite coffee cup are handy and convenient.

Everything I need for my morning coffee.

It’s sitting down at my desk (or my kitchen counter) and reaching for a pen that is handy and glides over the paper with ease. In my case, I pick up free pens at conferences all the time so I ALWAYS have a pen handy. With a drawer full of freebies, when I grab a pen that doesn’t write well I don’t have a problem chucking it into the trash.

I have a drawer of pens within easy reach.

It’s a perfect shower. How many times have you been traveling and thought, “ugh, the shower here sucks.”? Having good water pressure, just the right temperature and enough hot water to get through the soap AND the rinse make all the difference in my day.

Ahhh … the perfect shower. (Photo courtesy:

It’s the moment your phone rings and you look down and notice it’s not a spam call, it’s a friend. That little ping of cheer as you answer and spend some time chatting.

There’s nothing like a call from a friend. (Photo courtesy:

Throughout the day there are dozens of little things to make me smile. It wasn’t always that way. I had to look for them. But once I started looking, I noticed there are lots of little things to bring me joy and gratitude. Give it a try. You’ll find a reason to smile if you look for it.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Appreciate the little things along your journey.

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