Gratitude and Joy

Day 212 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Photos as Art

I like to take pictures. After years in the video world, I appreciate the challenge of capturing a still image, a moment in time. Unlike a lot of people, I don’t like to take my time doing it, though. That makes it even more challenging. I’d rather take in the scene than spend 10 minutes trying to get the “perfect” photo, and miss what’s happening around me.

Don’t be so busy trying to get the perfect shot that you miss what’s happening. (Photo:

One of the things about taking pictures is what to do with them once you take them. It’s fun to share on social media, but then what? I answered that question by having some of my favorites printed up on metal tiles. In one case, I chose only food pics. 

My dining room windows are framed with food pics from our travels.

I hung them around the windows in my dining room instead of curtains. I carefully selected food and drink shots that were colorful and appetizing, but also a little intriguing. One favorite is a shelf of dust and cobweb-covered wine bottles in the oldest bar in Venice.

A favorite image from our travels is this shelf of dusty wine bottles in Venice.

Hanging pictures of food in the dining room made sense to me. It adds a splash of color to the walls and acts as a conversation starter when friends ask where I got the pictures or for the story behind a specific one.

Guests often ask about this pumpkin lasagna from a hotel in Santa Fe.

Of course, there are other things to do with your pics. I used to take snapshots of strange and interesting bathrooms on my travels. It seemed to make sense to me, after all, everyone uses those facilities and there are some strange ones out there

The bucket is for rinsing down whatever you deposit in the hole between the foot treads.

For years many of those pics were framed and hung in a powder room in my home. I think I was hoping no one would notice my sad little powder room after seeing the options in other places. 

The bidet in this bathroom folded down.

There are loads of things you can do with your photos other than hide them away in a folder on your phone or desktop — or in the case of actual prints taking up space in a box on a closet shelf. 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Savor the memories through your photos.

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