Gratitude and Joy

Day 213 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Thunderstorms

There are times you simply cannot capture in photographs. An afternoon of storms is one of those times. As I sat out back yesterday, I realized this fact. After yesterday’s post about photographs, I was in a picture-snapping mindset, but try as I might, I knew I wouldn’t be able to save the moment. 

For instance, how do you take a picture of the sound of thunder in the distance as a storm approaches? I put my camera in video mode and captured an almost 20 second rumble.

Turn the sound up and you can hear the low rumble of thunder.

A few minutes later the wind picked up as a gust front heralded the arrival of rain – again, impossible to capture in a single image.

The wind picked up significantly letting us know the storm’s arrival was imminent.

As the rumbles of thunder boomed in the distance, Enzo was unfazed. I suspect he sensed my peaceful fascination with the storm and felt the same sense of calm. As a puppy, he’d rather play anyway. 

Enzo was more interested in a little tug-o-war than the storm in the distance.

I’ve loved thunderstorms my whole life. Here in Arizona, this year’s monsoon season has provided incredible views of the storms around us. We’ve been able to sit, protected, on our covered patio as the storms form and unfold. In this case, the storm skirted our neighborhood. We caught the edge and a light rain plinked onto the pool, leaving ripples across the surface.

A light rain leaves ripples on the pool.

Overnight, more rain fell. We could hear it and see the evidence it left behind. We need this rain! I am so grateful some of the storms are daytime events so I can enjoy nature’s beauty and fury for hours on end. There are more storms in the forecast. For that, I am also grateful, but I could do without the mid-Atlantic mugginess we’re feeling with humidity hovering near 85%! 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Enjoy whatever the weather brings as it’s all part of the journey!

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