Enzo, Gratitude and Joy

Day 214 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – New Friends

Enzo is finally cleared to meet other dogs. At 16 weeks, he’s had all his shots and they are now effective. With that in mind, we jumped at the chance when a friend with two Golden Retrievers invited us to dinner and added simply, “Of course Enzo is invited, too.”

Vikki and Keith have had Summer since she was a puppy. Brandy was a bonus adoption. When they went to pick up Summer, the breeder was also looking for a home for a retiring breed mom, Brandy. She’s a mama dog through and through, so we knew those two would be the perfect “first friends” for Enzo.

Four years ago Vikki came home with two dogs instead of one. (Photo: Keith Smith)

When we arrived, Enzo balked. It wasn’t just any balk, either. He yelped and yiped like he had been attacked … and he was still in my arms! It was pure puppy fear. We took our time. Vikki and I got down on the floor and played with them each at a distance from each other. It took about 30 minutes before Enzo worked up the courage to sniff at Brandy’s back paw while she lay on the floor unfazed by this tiny puppy.

Brandy looked on as the two younger dogs played nearby.

Summer, at four years old, is a bundle of fun and as sweet-natured as you can imagine. But, she wanted to play! Within an hour, Enzo and Summer had made friends and were running around in the yard.

Summer and Enzo became fast friends.

By the time we sat down to eat, all three dogs were ready for a break. Enzo is still learning his dining room manners, but Brandy and Summer laid down quietly through dinner, setting a perfect example. Then, as we enjoyed our desserts, Summer snuck under the table and she and Enzo fell asleep at my feet.

We somehow managed to move our chairs for a picture without waking them up.

It didn’t last long. The two youngsters were back up and playing in no time. 

Enzo and Summer played under the table.

I am so grateful for friends who have puppy experience and the patience to offer their home and dogs as a place for Enzo to learn. It was so much fun watching him figure out how to play with another dog – especially one about 60 pounds heavier than his little eight-pound size.

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Have fun watching others explore — even if the others are four-legged.

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