Gratitude and Joy

Day 215 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Stitches

I never learned to sew. In eighth grade, we had to take either Shop or Home Economics. The year I got to that grade was the first time we could choose. Before that girls took “Home Ec” and boys took “Shop.” As a tomboy, I was thrilled to be able to choose “Shop.”

I learned woodworking and a few basics about dealing with metal and plastic. I already knew how to cook. My mom sewed anything we needed, so I never felt the need to learn that skill. It wasn’t a problem until I moved out. Suddenly I realized that other than sewing on a button, I was clueless!

I save the spare buttons that come with things I buy, but rarely use them.

Enzo is teething. I don’t care that he’s chewing up his toys, that’s what they are for. But he chews on everything! His favorite seems to be seams.

This little stuffed fish was the first to fall victim to Enzo’s chewing.

The problem is that Enzo is chewing on his bed. He’s chewed holes into the bottom and the top.

One of his favorite sources of stuffing is the hole on the inside of the bed.

He uses those holes to stick his nose in and pull out the stuffing. There’s stuffing everywhere.

I should probably collect this stuff and stick it back in the bed or toy where it started.

This morning I dug out my grandmother’s sewing case, threaded a needle and attempted to sew up some of the holes.

Grandma’s case has some of her thread still in it, and minis from a sampler pack I bought years ago.

I doubt my mending will last for long, but if I’m lucky it will hold for a day or two. I’m looking forward to a few stuffing-free days. I’m grateful for being able to figure out this simple task. Over the years I’ve realized my sewing is nothing to brag about … and best in a place that isn’t too obvious, but it seems to do what it’s supposed to do – hold a seam or keep a button attached.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Knowing how to make a few simple repairs goes a long way.

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