Gratitude and Joy

Day 220 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Cheat Days

Greg and I rarely travel separately … at least until now. This week, he had to go to Las Vegas to meet his boss at a conference. I stayed home with the puppy. Before he left, Greg asked if I had any plans for meals. He’s much more conscious of eating well and planning ahead. When I told him my plan was to “wing it” he shook his head and wished me luck.

As the sun faded yesterday I remembered I should probably eat something. I dutifully fed Enzo his kibble and opened the refrigerator door. I stood there like a teenager mulling my choices.

I stood there with the door open like a teenager.

There was a leftover piece of apple cobbler, but I’d had the other piece for lunch, so … nope. I grabbed the bottle of olives and ate the last four as I moved to the pantry to see if I could find something there.

There were only four olives left in the jar … so I ate them.

I considered a box of macaroni and cheese. That blue box is a favorite of mine and a go-to to satisfy my craving for something bad. On this particular evening, I wasn’t feeling the love. I kept looking while I munched on two Oreo cookies. Then I spotted the packages of ramen. Perfect! It’s quick, easy and just filling enough.

Ramen or cereal? I went with the ramen.

About an hour later I knew that ramen wasn’t going to hold me over. I carefully reviewed the food I’d eaten throughout the day. I had my regular breakfast of Cheerios and fruit, a piece of cobbler for lunch, four jumbo olives, two Oreos and a package of ramen. Well … except for breakfast I’d managed to revert to eating like a college student. If I needed something more, I should grab some veggies and cut ’em up.

We have healthy options on hand, but I bypassed them.

Instead, I did what any self-respecting single-parent-of-a-puppy-for-a-few-days person would do. I grabbed the ice cream and the chocolate sauce! 

I reasoned that since Breyers is made with healthy ingredients, this was a healthy snack. HAHA!

When Greg and I talked on the phone before turning in, he described his leftover pork chop and potato lunch and his cacio e pepe dinner. When I listed what I’d eaten he rolled his eyes … at least I am certain he did. I could swear I heard the eye roll over the phone. 

I’m none the worse for wear this morning. The scale even says I lost half a pound yesterday. I’m grateful for cheat days. It’s silly and certainly not healthy, but it’s fun. 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Eat a little junk food along the way.

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