Gratitude and Joy

Day 219 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Not Rushing It

Yesterday I saw a meme about how summer isn’t over yet and all the pumpkin spice lovers need to chill out.

I laughed at this “I’m not done with summer” meme.

It got me thinking about the last couple of weeks and all my friends who are bemoaning the stores decorating for late year holidays … especially the Christmas decorations cropping up in craft stores. To be fair, I get that one. Crafters are creating their wares now for late fall sales – sometimes in volume to meet demand. Some of their art takes time to produce. It’s a worldwide phenomenon to be sure.

German Christmas markets are filled with many handmade gifts and trinkets.

I’m not defending the store displays, mind you … just the craft ones. For me, every season should be savored. Winter scenes of ice and snow make me crave hot chocolate and stew. Living in the Valley of the Sun, I don’t miss the icy scenes, but I will still indulge in my favorite winter flavors when the time comes.

This pic of my dog in the snow has always been a favorite.

Spring brought beautiful flowers even here in the desert. The temps rose, the breezes picked up and all our friends started planning summer vacations.

When the cactus blooms, it’s a sure sign of spring.

This summer’s record-breaking temperatures are driving families to pools and beaches. Barbeques are being fired up and summer is in full swing. I love it!

Even Enzo is enjoying pool time this summer.

Like the meme’s author, I’m not ready for fall yet, either. I’m enjoying popsicles, pool time and piña coladas (not really, but I wanted another summer “p” word). Greg and I are loving our new misters and enjoying sitting outside in the evenings watching the spectacular sunsets.

The sun sets just beyond the misters.

I’m always ready to embark on my next adventure, but I agree, let’s hold off on the pumpkin spice and apple treats for another month. 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Enjoy it in every season.

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