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Day 218 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Into the Unknown

In the past few months I have run across a handful of travel articles about mystery trips. Several companies are offering itineraries that take you into the unknown. 

The first was a company that asks you to log in, create a profile and select a budget. From there, you choose dates. Once those particulars are set, you sit back and wait. They make all the reservations – everything – airfare, train tickets, hotel accommodations, spa treatments, tickets, and tours. The website says a week before your departure date you will receive an email letting you know what weather to expect, recommendations for packing and when and where you need to be to begin your adventure. You’re supposed to wait until then to open the envelope and begin your trip.

This company offers only “surprise” trips, curated for you.

Another came from a cruise line. You pick one of a limited number of sailing dates, pay for the trip (including airfare) and wait. Shortly before the date of departure, you get packing suggestions then you set off on an unknown adventure aboard one of their vessels. 

Our river cruise experience has us considering Uniworld’s mystery trip.

We have friends back east who take turns putting together trips for a group of friends who follow this concept. Each friend commits to participate not knowing where they will end up. The one member of the group does all the planning, sends a packing list and sets a meeting place to kick off the experience. They called it “Blind Faith.” They’ve gone white water rafting and horse-back riding in West Virginia and ghost-hunting in Charleston South Carolina, as examples. We’re considering creating something similar with friends in Arizona … who’s in?

A mystery trip with friends could be loads of fun. (Photo:

You get the point. These surprise trips are apparently becoming a “thing.” We’ve already decided we’re up for the adventure! Sometime next year we will be tearing open an envelope and trying to glean clues from the suggested packing list. That is likely to be my biggest challenge – not opening the envelope early!

What mysteries are answered by the envelope? (Photo:

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Dare to head into the unknown!

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