Gratitude and Joy

Day 232 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Searching for My Muse

When I retired it took more than a year to get used to waking up and not immediately “getting ready for work.” In the three years since then, I’ve gotten comfortable with a to-do list that rarely has to be completed on any sort of deadline … almost.

Just after Christmas I started writing this blog. I knew it would eventually become difficult. I’ve tried to do other things daily for an entire year – I mean not missing a single day! – and never managed to get all the way through.

Staring at my computer screen hoping for inspiration.

Even writing this blog I got stuck once (twice if you count today). That resulted in: “A Day Off (Sort Of).” Those two “pauses were never part of my plan for the year. But I confess, I sometimes wake up with a sense of doom and urgency as a single thought runs through my mind: what shall I write about today?

What shall I write about today? (Photo:

I have a list of ideas, but many of the items on the list are hard to illustrate and one of my personal goals is to make sure each of my blogs has photos to go along with it. This one, for instance, will be a real challenge. I’m grateful that my WordPress account includes a free subscription to

So I sit here writing a bunch of nonsense, hoping the muse will strike in the next ten minutes-or-so, so that I can at least come close to my self-imposed deadline. 

As I write, Greg has Enzo out for his morning constitutional. I can see through the window he’s doing squats and setting his sights on a day of accomplishments. I sit here floundering at a keyboard – grateful for a million little things and somehow unable to come up with the words to describe any of them. But I came up with a few…

I’m grateful for the teachers and mentors who’ve taught me how to write and offered a few tips to overcome writer’s block. 

Teachers inspired me to write. (Photo:

I’m grateful for our fabulous home and the furniture, art, and tschokes that make it special. With so many struggling to even have a roof over their head, I never take these things for granted.

We’ve worked hard to fill our home with joy.

I’m grateful for my good health. I know I could stand to lose a few pounds, but overall, I feel good, I’m rarely sick, and my bi-annual check-ups are non-events.

I’m grateful for the ability to travel. Seeing all that the world has to offer inspires me all the time, and I’m ever eager to take the next trip … wherever that may be.

Travel and Greg are always at the top of my gratitude list.

I’m grateful for my husband, who rocks my world in so many ways, and who shares my wanderlust.

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Listen to your muse along life’s journey.

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