Arizona, Gratitude and Joy

Day 231 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – An Accessible Hike

Before you get any crazy ideas, no, I did not take a hike in the heat of the day in the Arizona blazing sun. I did, however, find a place where that will likely happen when the weather cools. Let me explain.

Yesterday started out like many Saturdays. We talked about our lack of plans for the day then came up with the idea. In this case, we jumped in the car and headed to Cave Creek. A favorite store is moving to a new location and we were hoping the move had taken place. Sadly, that part of the plan was a bust. Plan B: Wander home a different way and see what we can find.

We turned south and made a right turn when we got to Sonoran Desert Drive. As we cruised the roadway, we spotted a ramada off in the distance. The closer we got, the more intriguing it became. We spotted what appeared to be a beautiful sidewalk that curved in and out of the desert from next to the road. Across the washes, the sidewalk bumped out from the bridges to offer covered benches for a rest from the sun. This was worth investigating.

The benches offer a sliver of shade in the midday sun.

Suddenly a sign marked the turn to the Apache Wash Trailhead. Aha! That’s what we were seeing! We turned in, parked and wandered over to the trailhead facility.

The park is beautifully maintained.

It boasted maps and information about several trails, including a mostly paved one. I realized many of my friends with mobility issues could finally be able to take a stroll in the desert!

Paved sidewalks offer those with mobility issues a chance to wander into the desert.

There are shaded picnic benches cooled by delightful breezes when we were there just after noon. 

The birds knew they could take a break from the sun in the breezeway.

Information viewing stands feature pictures of desert plants on a slant looking through an opening that, presumably, helps identify what you may be looking at. In the middle of the desert summer, I didn’t notice any blooming flowers or colorful cacti, but I bet the springtime view is filled with color.

Greg and Enzo checked out the view through one of the information stations.

The Apache Wash Trail is maintained beautifully by the city and the trailhead even offers toilet facilities (not all trailheads do). There’s loads of information on the city’s website. Most of the trails that start here are considered easy, although a couple wander up Apache Hill and get into the “moderate” difficulty level. 

A large map points visitors in the right direction.

We are already planning a return trip when the weather cools to explore this trail.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Seeing our natural world is part of the adventure … park the car and take a hike!

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