Gratitude and Joy

Day 236 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Let the Pros Do It

Anyone who has a pool knows the battle with the calcium line on the tiles. It’s a white blight! I’ve seen some experts say with exceptionally good chemical care, you can avoid the tile line altogether. I’ve yet to find anyone who says they are capable of that level of water treatment. 

That means in just under a year, we were already looking at the white stripe of calcium.

That calcium line stood out like a sore thumb against our pretty blue tiles.

We googled solutions. One suggestion was plain white vinegar and little green scrubbies. We grabbed a spray bottle and got to work. After all, floating in the pool and scrubbing a little on the edge can’t be that hard, right? After about an hour of scrubbing, we realized this was going to be tougher than we thought.

All our efforts left spots of tile that still required more scrubbing.

A neighbor across the street suggested we call her “water line tile guy.” Coincidentally, he was at her house cleaning her tiles. I popped over, introduced myself to Jonathan of Sunbrite Pool Tile and if he could come across the street when he was done and give us a quote. 

Everything is contained in his trailer.

He measured the pool, looked at our calcium build-up and gave us an unexpectedly low figure. I smiled brightly and asked how soon we could get on his schedule. Less than a week later, Jonathan pulled up to the house, ran the hoses, set up his machinery and got to work

He drained some of the pool water so he could have clear access to the calcium build up

In no time at all he’d blasted that pesky white line away. He grabbed the hose and started cleaning up. He sprayed down everything, leaving my pool deck cleaner than when he’d arrived.

Jonathan blasted the calcium with tiny glass beads.

He even polished the tiles to bring them back to their like-new shine! 

The tiles are once again beautiful and shiny.

What would’ve taken me weeks of scrubbing took him less than three hours! It will last longer and looks better than anything I could do. My shiny new pool tiles will bring me joy for another year and I’ll just call Jonathan and have him do it again next year. I am SO grateful for the experts who specialize in the little things that we need to take care of – like Jonathan, and the guy who changes my car’s oil, and the plumber who flushes my hot water heater. 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Let the pros help you out with the little things in your life.

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