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Day 235 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Puppy vs Baby

We’re packing for a weekend trip. We’re so good at it that I created a checklist on my computer and had it printed up as a notepad so I don’t forget anything. It’s been super helpful … until now.

Yesterday I started gathering up everything we usually pack. I checked the weather forecast, did a load of laundry and was pretty much ready to go when I realized I needed to pack for Enzo!

I thought we were all set, then remembered Enzo.

I started making a list of what he’d need … and it just kept getting longer!

His list kept getting longer and longer.

We’d need his food. Little puppies can’t order something off the menu after all. We’d need treats to encourage him to behave. I had to pack an extra blanket in case he had an accident. I grabbed a few of his favorite toys. I threw in an extra roll of poop bags.

Is four toys enough? Should I grab a few more?

Should I throw in his little bed? He’s so used to laying on it and it’s pretty small. Sure, throw that in the suitcase … since now there’s a whole additional suitcase for our ten pound puppy!

Before I knew it, Enzo needed his own suitcase.

Oh, shoot, don’t forget the proof of rabies vaccination. He’ll need that to get on the plane. 

Enzo would need papers just like we need IDs.

It was at this point I looked at the assembled pile and flashed back more than 30 years to when my children were babies. Diaper bags, car seats, toys to keep them busy … holy moly, having a puppy is pretty much the same thing as having a baby! We even get up in the middle of the night with him on occasion!

We are loving having this little guy to snuggle, play tug-o-war and make our lives just a little more filled with joy. We’re looking forward to traveling with him, but I think I need to streamline his trip needs!

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Grab the essentials for yourself AND your travel buddies and get going!

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