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Day 234 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – The Homemade Pie

When we moved to our neighborhood pizza delivery was not possible. We lived too far from town. It was a shock. We tried frozen pizzas and they were, as expected, mostly pretty awful.The best thing we could come up with was to simply not eat pizza as much. 

In the past three years the neighborhood has grown. From what neighbors have told me, there are now TWO pizza places that deliver. We haven’t tried them yet. Amazingly, we got used to not eating pizza at home (although we’ve definitely satisfied our craving when we’re out).

Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana was a great local find, but an hour from home.

Last night we broke our streak! We didn’t order a pizza, we MADE one, from scratch!

Cutting into that fresh pizza was very satisfying.

When my kids were little we used to make pizza all the time. It was a fun way to share cooking duties with the kids and everyone got a personal pizza. I remembered that and pulled out the old pizza cookbook I’ve had for almost 40 years!

My pizza cookbook is older than my kids.

The ingredients are simple: flour, water, yeast, a little salt and a little sugar. Sift, then mix.

There’s something gratifying about mixing dough by hand.

Knead, let the dough rise and it’s time to get creative. That is when I learned something new about my husband. Greg knows how to stretch pizza dough! He was manipulating it and tossing it into the air while I stared in shock. He was recalling long-unused skills learned from high school summer jobs.

He was getting some height as he tossed the dough.

I was thrilled and amazed. Then I remembered we’d gone a couple of years without pizza at home! I laughingly teased him about making me go without pizza for so long! He responded by expertly ladling on the sauce and spreading on the toppings.

He even made the sauce from scratch while I was making the dough.

A quick 20 minutes later we pulled the finished pie from the oven and dove in. DELICIOUS! A new recipe to add to our list of homemade favorites.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Fortunately, you can find pizza everywhere.

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