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Day 243 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Andiamo on a Boat

When we moved to Arizona, the last thing we thought about was getting back into sailing. After all, we live in the Sonoran Desert, not a coastal town. Then Greg discovered the Arizona Yacht Club. If you’re like me, your first reaction was, “That’s a joke, right?” But it’s a totally legitimate yacht club.

Greg and I joined almost a year ago and he borrowed a single-handed dinghy to compete in the fall and spring racing seasons on Tempe Town Lake. Because he was borrowing a boat and we had no way to tow anything, competing on larger (and closer) Lake Pleasant wasn’t really an option. But he kept watching for deals and eyeing his options.

Greg sailed a borrowed Laser in the spring season.

A couple of weeks ago, he got an email from West Coast Sailing in Portland, OR. A dealer for RS sailboats, they were offering deals on nearly-new RS Aero sailboats used only during a World Championship event in nearby Cascade Locks on the Columbia River. Greg inquired and before we knew it, a boat was on its way to our home.

The boat is here!

The Aero is also a single-handed dinghy, but unlike the more well-known Laser Greg had been sailing, this craft is a mere 68 pounds. In fact, the packing material on the truck probably weighed more than the boat. It’s also a much more modern design with state-of-the art materials unavailable when the Laser was designed five decades ago!

It even came with a dolly!

Greg and the driver unloaded the boat and before the truck was out of sight, Greg was untying the sailor’s knots used to secure the boat to a shipping frame.

The whole set-up was light enough for these two guys to move it with ease.
Enzo was happy to help with the knots.

It’s in remarkable condition. He got a brand new sail, new lower mast and everything came with nice, professional-grade carrying bags. We discussed name options and settled on “Andiamo!”

Everything has its own carrying bag.

The roof rack (yeah, this is light enough to pop onto the top of the SUV) arrives today along with a system to lift it up to the ceiling of our garage when it’s not on the water.

Greg’s already scheduled sailing days at Lake Pleasant. It wouldn’t surprise me if he heads out there tomorrow for a test run of his new toy. It’s fun and gratifying to see him filled with such glee. I’m grateful for the chance to bring him so much joy.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Sail off into the sunset every now and then.

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