Arizona, Gratitude and Joy

Day 245 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – After the Storms

Our little neighborhood has seen the wrath of Mother Nature in the past week. For many who live here, that is an understatement.

We have neighbors who are faced with landscaping and home repair bills approaching $10,000! Trees fell on houses, fences and vehicles. In some cases, a single tree took out two roofs at once and large sections of fence. 

Just yesterday, another storm roared through the area and managed to take out many of the trees that had survived the first series of storms last weekend.

In times like these, it is often hard to find the silver lining. There is one, though. This part of the country is suffering from nearly unprecedented drought conditions and the rains that come with these storms soak into the ground quickly and replenish water-starved aquifers.

Sunset clouds are reflected in the rarely filled catchment basin.

And then there are the hours after the storm passes. The sky clears up and the sunset illuminates the clouds as they head off to unleash their fury elsewhere.

The storm clouds head southwest.

The temperatures drop to gorgeous levels and the humidity, a rarity in the desert, returns to its less-muggy state. We hopped into the golf cart to cruise the nearby streets and survey the damage as the daylight faded away.

The wind blew through a section where workers were building new homes.

There will be a lot more clean-up in the days to come and the monsoon season rages on, although the National Weather Service office in Phoenix says we can expect a break in the coming week, although if this summer has been any indication, the storms will return.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Stay safe when bad weather comes your way.

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