Arizona, Gratitude and Joy

Day 255 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Buckeye, Arizona (Part 1)

I live in the westernmost suburb of Phoenix according to Wikipedia. Buckeye was also the fastest growing town in the US in 2017 and 2018 … and we’re still growing by leaps and bounds.

There is a lot of cool stuff I didn’t know about Buckeye until recently. When we moved here almost four years ago, I looked up the history of Arizona. I researched the Phoenix area but somehow barely skimmed my own town. 

Buckeye is in Maricopa County, Arizona

Someone told me Buckeye is the largest city in Arizona by geographic size. I don’t know for sure if that’s true, but it’s HUGE! From the city center just off Interstate 10, Buckeye extends 30 miles to the north and 16 miles to the south of the original town center. The city’s website says it’s 640 square miles! The Gila River runs through our city as does the Hassayampa River which feeds the Gila. The southern part of the White Tank Mountains cut through Buckeye. In fact, our little neighborhood is north of those mountains.

The White Tanks include miles of great hiking trails and spectacular view of Phoenix.

But enough about geography! Buckeye has some cool history. In fact, the city has a museum that’s been closed for renovations for a while. It reopens tomorrow! I’m grateful for the opportunity to get a sneak preview this morning so I can share it with you all. 

The Buckeye museum reopens tomorrow morning.

I post my blog every morning as close to 7am as I can. Tomorrow, this will be the site of “Part 2” of my look at Buckeye. I’ll let you know if the museum is worth your time and energy and share some pics. The city is making it a party with a ribbon cutting at 10. 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Some of it is really close to home.

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