Gratitude and Joy

Day 257 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Toothbrushes

Next week I head to the dentist for my semi-annual check-up. I know for many of you, that sends shivers down your spine. The clear majority of people simply hate going to the dentist. I am in the minority – I LOVE going to the dentist.

Maybe the fact that I was lucky enough to have straight teeth genes helps. Maybe it has something to do with the twice-year feeling of magnificently clean teeth. Certainly a lot of it has to do with the fact that I just adore my dentist and his office-manager wife. 

Brush your teeth

Of course, part of my love for the dentist is because I love my teeth. Without them, some of life’s simple pleasures would be impossible – the crispy crunch of a fresh apple, the buttery flavor of corn on the cob, and the not-food-related joy of a brilliant smile.

A year ago my neighbor and I turned our dentist visit into a mini vacation

All of this is possible because of my trusty toothbrush – or should I say toothbrushES? I have three! I keep one packed for trips. I keep one by the bathroom sink. I keep one in the shower. I know it may seem odd, but I brush my teeth in the shower.

My travel toothbrush is always packed and ready to go

My reasoning is indulgent. If I brush my teeth in the shower, then I can linger a little longer in that refreshing spray of hot water and I never drool toothpaste on my shirt. Of course, I rarely admit those parts of the reason. I tell people it’s because I was taught that hot water cleans better. 

My shower toothbrush shares a holder with Greg’s

All three of my toothbrushes are the same battery-powered models. I squeeze out a healthy dollop of toothpaste and hit that start button, letting the head spin onto my pearly whites to erase the gack and gunk that grow there naturally. A rinse or two later I grab a floss pic and scrub out the bits between my teeth before checking my smile in the mirror.

Ready for my teeth cleaning

I’m grateful for healthy teeth and joyful that I have a really good toothbrush to keep them that way.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. In the words of the dentist (and your mother) brush and floss your teeth!

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