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Day 258 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – The Week in Review

What a week this has been … raising a sail, a hurricane party, a sleeping puppy, and winning the lottery! 

About that sail raising. I mentioned that Greg bought a sailboat. He spent the first couple of days after it arrived doing all the things he needed to do to transport it, store it and keep it safe. He installed a roof rack on the car (it’s only 65 pounds, so that’s an easier option than towing). He installed a hoist system onto the roof of the garage to get it up off the floor and stowed safely. Then, finally, with unbridled glee, he assembled the mast and hoisted the sail. He had hoped to take “Andiamo” out on the water today, but it may be a bit rainy and blustery as we continue to cope with the outer bands of the remnants of Hurricane Kay

Greg is excited to get “Andiamo” out on the water.

That brings me to our Hurricane Party. OK, I admit it, the hurricane actually had nothing to do with it. I hosted our neighborhood monthly Bunco game last night. It was an evening of laughter, victorious whooping and good-natured jabs. For the first time since January, we had a huge group of twelve to play the two rounds of Bunco and our bonus tradition of “Right, Left, Center” all while the first bands of Hurricane Kay made their way into the desert with tropical breezes and a nice, steady rain.

We laughed and cheered the winners and losers.

Throughout the week, we continue to teach our new dog new tricks. He’s learning how to offer up a teeny, soft-spoken “woof” instead of his ear-piercing, pay-attention-to-me, puppy bark. He’s showing off his mastered fetching skills and he’s tugging at our hearts with his quiet, loving, snuggle sleeps. When he crawls up on my lap and curls up to take a nap, I am slain with joy. This week, during one of those moments, I noticed he was dozing with the end of his tongue sticking out so I snapped a pic. It was an “awww”-inducing moment.

Enzo fell asleep with his tongue sticking out.

Speaking of pics, my favorite image of the week is the phone photo I took when I stopped at the grocery store. I often throw a $5 into the lottery machine to buy a ticket for each of the big drawings, then I use the remaining $1 for a scratch off. This week, I dutifully scratched the ticket and almost shrieked in the store. I won $50. There’s a moment of utter jubilation when you realize your $1 investment just netted a windfall. I texted the pic to Greg and we joked about how to spend our winnings.

I won!

In a year where I blog daily about gratitude and joy, I realized I’ve never looked back over a whole week. It’s definitely had some low moments. Let’s face it, life can’t be perfect ALL the time, but when you take a moment to find the silver linings in your day (or in a whole week) you certainly put the happiness wheels in motion.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Raise a sail, grab a cocktail, snuggle your pet and take a chance.

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