Gratitude and Joy

Day 269 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Bad Movies

Have you ever watched a movie on TV and at the end said, “Well, that’s two hours I’ll never get back?” Well, that’s happened more times in our lives than we’d like to admit, but sometimes, it’s a time to celebrate! Such was the case last night.

It had been a long day for both of us, coming off a couple of stress-filled weeks. We decided after dinner to sit down and just veg … watch a movie and forget about the day. Prime video recommended an action movie that I remembered seeing and remembered it as a good shoot ‘em up with a famous female lead. Judy said, what the heck, it’s free! We settled down with a bottle of wine while Enzo snuggled between us.

Enzo slept through the whole thing.

The movie was mostly as I remembered it, with a few weird twists that I had forgotten. Judy seemed to tolerate it. In the middle of it, we toasted up some Pop-Tarts as we were both feeling a bit noshy. That’s one of the joys of watching bad movies at home … you’re not bound by the typical fare at the movie theater. For the record, a good Italian red goes GREAT with Strawberry Pop-Tarts!

At least the movie snacks were delicious.

The plot twist at the end was a bit surreal, leaving us both with a quizzical look. We looked at each other, completely agreeing the movie was just plain weird, but happy that our little family had spent some lazy time together.

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Watch a bad movie from time-to-time to remind you how great the real world is!

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