Gratitude and Joy

Day 270 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Relationships

We moved here almost four years ago. That surprises me because it seems like yesterday.The challenge with living somewhere for a long time (like we did in Virginia) is that you find all the care and service providers you need and develop good — ok GREAT — relationships.

The first thing we did was find a doctor. We both consider ourselves lucky to have stumbled on Dr. Uppal right away. Her staff of Physician’s Assistants take care of the routine visits and everyday woes, while she’s ready to take cover in the event of anything major. We love our PA’s and Dr. Uppal is responsive and terrific when we need her to step in for advice or care.

Dr. Uppal and her staff are incredible.

In four years we’ve managed to find the perfect massage therapist. That was a breakthrough for both of us and our backs and necks appreciate the skilled hands of someone who finds the knots and gets rid of them. Finding Sam at Coyote Bodywork took about three years.

Just the sight of the massage table gets my muscles relaxing.

We knew we needed to get a dentist out here. We asked around, did some research and came upon Dr. Noll. Greg liked him immediately. I’m not unhappy, but I’ve been seeing my dentist back east for almost thirty years. We’re not just patient and doctor, but he and his wife are true friends. I’m not ready to give him up just yet, so when we fly back east I still schedule check-ups. 

Keeping my teeth healthy is a priority for me.

By far, the hardest person to replace has been Crystal. I first started having her cut my hair when my son was six. He’s now married and has three kids! In all that time, Crystal has been snipping and trimming my locks. She did the hair for all the girls in my daughter’s wedding … and then did my hair for mine.

My hair was perfect for the wedding. (Photo: Carol Tedesco)

She knew all my hair’s quirks and oddities and how to wrestle them into submission with her skill and scissors. I tried many stylists after we moved and always ended up back at Crystal’s salon when we traveled. I kept asking around and trying those stylists recommended. Finally someone suggested Sarah. I was skeptical, but gave her a shot. YAY!!! From the morning after my first cut I knew I’d found “the one”.

You know it’s a good haircut when it lays right (mostly) even in the morning.

She’s cut my hair three times now and each time I leave feeling lighter and brighter about my look. Yesterday, with slightly cooler temps, I opened the sunroof, rolled down the windows and let the wind blow my hair around. It was the first day after my haircut and I was THRILLED! It blew in the wind in a fun way and tousled just the way I like it.

I love the way my hair was blowing in the wind.

I’m calling this process nearly complete. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect bar/restaurant, mechanic and some other places/people, but so far, I feel a lot more settled and “at home.” 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Establish relationships that make you happy.

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