Gratitude and Joy

Day 271 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Staying Unsettled

Everytime we do something in our house we agree we’re done. We look at our finished project, nod, smile and say, “Now it’s perfect.” Then we start planning the next one.

Our home was brand new when we moved in. We’d selected the flooring, the cabinets … all the finishes. We knew we’d need to paint and add window coverings. Furnishing, of course, would be ongoing.It was new. It was what we chose. Yet, somehow it continues to need constant tweaking.

It started with those furnishings. Put them in place, move them … move them again. We’ve rearranged our home office at least four times in less than four years.

An early layout of the office took up too much space.

The paint took a while. We hemmed and hawed over the perfect colors before finally deciding on the right ones. We still have several rooms to go, but we’ve at least got a plan in place for now.

A nook in the hallway is one of the first things we painted.

We’ve made-over the laundry room, built a bench and work space into our nooks in the hallway, and added a bar to our lounge space.

We love putting an album on the turntable, grabbing a cocktail and relaxing in our lounge.

And then there’s the outside space. When we moved in, we were still thinking about a pool. Now we have a pool AND an outdoor living space that feels like a resort. We’ve added a screen door, a security gate, lights and too many accents to count. 

The shade from a large umbrella makes the hammock a great place to relax.

Yet somehow, we always look around and see one more thing that needs to be updated. Just this week we decided our coffee table just isn’t right for us. We knew what we wanted, so I headed to the store, found the right one and, just as I was about to arrange delivery, decided to add the matching sofa.

The new addition to the living room will be much easier to keep clean with a puppy.

I love being able to constantly update and refresh my space. I am so grateful for Greg, who shares my love of near-constant change. It feels a little like wanderlust … an ongoing craving for something new and unknown. I smile just thinking about it.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Keep seeking out new adventures.

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