Gratitude and Joy

Day 272 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Purging for Fun and Profit

Living in a state of constant improvement does have its consequences: what to do with all the old stuff? Unlike many of our family members, we’re not hoarders. Instead, we keep our house neat and tidy by adopting an “out with the old, in with the new” motto.

The acquisition of our new leather sofa (and its accompanying soon-to-arrive leather ottoman) comes at a convenient time. Our community sponsors twice-early neighborhood garage sales providing a ready venue to sell our lightly used but no longer needed couch and other furniture.

We’ve watched a lot of movies on this loveseat, but wanted something bigger.

We’re using this sale as an opportunity to sell some other things we’ve replaced over the last year. The larger pieces have been stored in our snowbird neighbor’s garage (shhhhh…don’t tell them!) over the summer. Conveniently, they’re coming home for the season the day before the sale, so it’s the perfect time to move it back to our garage for the sale.

We had eight chairs in three colors for a splash of mid-century feel in the dining room, but changed it to a more cowboy feel.

I’ve also purchased some new wall sconces for the dining room flowers I change seasonally. That means the vases and plates that used to hold them can go as well. We’re fixing the wall in the process.

I had wall holders and vases for between the windows for every season. They are all being replaced and put out for the sale.

We’re also going through the house this weekend to see what’s been sitting in storage that’s no longer needed. There’s some computer monitors and luggage that could find some new homes, as well as picture frames and the like that are just gathering dust. 

Oh the stories these pieces could tell!

Purging is nothing new to us, but this is the first time we’re actually using a garage sale. Before the tax laws were changed, we happily dropped off our used but still in good condition items at Goodwill, ReStore and other charities for the tax deduction. We’ll do the same with any items that don’t sell, but hopefully, we’ll have priced them low enough that our cast-offs can be someone else’s treasure!

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Whatever we earn from this sale is going into the travel budget!

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