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Day 273 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Lauching Andiamo!

Yesterday, we finally launched Andiamo, my new racing sailboat. When she arrived, I had hoped to get her in the water immediately, but life got in the way. Rainy weather, a trip back east, and other priorities simply took over and it took just under a month to take her out for her first sail.

It was all worth it. Under a blazing Arizona sun, I undid all the lines keeping her on top of the car, asked another boater at the ramp to help me put her on her dolly, rigged her up and put her in the waters of Lake Pleasant, just as Judy and Enzo arrived to help celebrate the occasion.

Enzo made sure I got away from the dock safely.

The winds were light, but I was instantly pleased with how easily she moved! In the still water of the bay at the North Ramp, we slid easily through the water. As I headed out into the larger body of the lake, the wakes of pontoon party boats and ski boats jostled us quite a bit. Nevertheless, Andiamo and I got to know each other as we moved easily through the waves. 

Even in light winds I was able to get some decent speed.

This first sail was short, as I had already spent the morning on the lake completing the last portion of a powerboat certification course for the Arizona Yacht Club, so I headed back in. De-rigging and getting the boat back on the car took about 45 minutes (thanks again to another stranger who helped me get the boat on the car … sailors and boaters are truly a fraternity!). Judy and I met at Dillon’s Bayou, an on-the-water restaurant and bar at Pleasant Harbor Marina where we had a celebratory drink and nosh. We headed home and nestled Andiamo in her perch in the garage. I couldn’t stop beaming.

Andiamo tucks up above the garage door when she’s not on the water.

Next week is opening day of the AYC Fall Racing Series. I’m looking forward to getting back on the lake and competing. It’s been a great ride so far and I am truly grateful for Judy’s support (and infinite patience) as I pursue this next chapter in my long sailing career.

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. My sailing adventure continues … Andiamo!

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