Gratitude and Joy

Day 279 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Homecomings

Fall always makes me think of homecoming. It harkens back to high school and homecoming football games and homecoming dances. A few years ago I went back to my high school in the fall and it just happened to coincide with homecoming weekend. It was an evening full of fun and happy memories that just happened to include a reunion.

One trip back to my old high school was on a homecoming weekend in the fall.

Yesterday, Greg and I ran a few errands before pointing the car to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (I just love the name “Sky Harbor”) to pick up neighbors who have become our dearest friends. They are snowbirds and we welcomed them back to “home” in Arizona.

My friend sent a pic to let me know how much luggage to expect.

But homecomings are so much more than those that are personal. My mind goes to the videos that are easy to find of military members coming home after a deployment. A montage of those videos always … ALWAYS … leaves me teary-eyed. Greg caught me watching one once and was very worried there was something wrong. Nope … just my heartstrings pushing these tears out of my eyes as they roll down my cheeks!

It’s coming home to grandma’s house for a holiday …

Normal Rockwell’s “Freedom From Want” captures a holiday homecoming.

It’s best friends who get together after YEARS apart and pick up like it was yesterday.

Greg and his best friend fall right back into their rhythm everytime they reunite.

Homecomings are hugs and warmth and familiarity. They are filled with joy and love and laughter. To me … they are the epitome of fall.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Welcome someone home with a hug and a laugh whenever you can.

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