Gratitude and Joy

Day 280 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Long Walks

Human beings are bi-pedal creatures designed to walk. So is it any surprise that a long walk can be the perfect antidote to a crappy day, help free the mind from clutter, and just generally bring about good spirits?

I was reminded of that last night when after a particularly busy and challenging day, Judy and I decided to take a long walk with Enzo. The temps in the Valley of the Sun have finally fallen to more tolerable levels and the humidity from the monsoon season had dropped, so it was the perfect time to get out, enjoy the quiet, and spend some time together.

We walk past saguaros like these on our neighborhood strolls. (Photo

We talked, held hands, and marveled at the brilliant half moon. (Sadly, we had no phones with us, so no pictures.) We talked about some travel plans and house projects. We came up with some ideas for getting together with our neighbors, only to run into them at the end of the walk as they, too, were walking their dog, allowing us to firm up those plans.

No matter where you walk, it can be a refreshing break from the stress of the day. (Photo:

Walking together has been a constant for us. When we were dating, we’d walk the monuments of Washington, DC. We walked big sections of the Mt. Vernon and Washington and Old Dominion Trails. We regularly walked the cobbled sidewalks of Old Town Alexandria, sometimes to get dinner or a drink, sometimes to shop, sometimes just to walk. 

One winter vacation we enjoyed a late night stroll as the snow crunched beneath our feet.

Walking is a big part of who we are when we travel, too. There’s nothing quite like seeing a new place from the street. A favorite memory from our travels together is walking along a snow encrusted trail alongside a babbling brook under a starlit sky in Kandersteg, Switzerland. It was peaceful and romantic … and then became silly as we dropped down in the drifts to make snow angels!

A late night Alpine snow angel was a fun and silly end to a walk in Switzerland.

Moving to Arizona, the timing of our walks is dependent on the temperatures, so we tend to walk in the morning; later in the day during the winter. It’s mostly through our neighborhoods, but it gets us out of the house, into the sun and fresh air, and most importantly, recharges our souls.

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Lace up your shoes and take a walk.

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