Gratitude and Joy

Day 281 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Dreams

There’s a saying that says something like “if you don’t dream it, it will never happen.” I love that sentiment! I think dreamers get a bad rap. When we’re young we’re told to “stop daydreaming” and “get your head out of the clouds.” I say the opposite: “Dream big!” “Dream all the things in your heart.” Then go out and make them all come true!

Greg and I have made it a bit of a tradition to dream when we’re on road trips. We drive along, off the beaten track, and we dream. A favorite topic is how we would spend the money if we won a huge lottery jackpot. The conversation wanders a bit into the philosophy of spending – do we pay off the low interest debts – couldn’t we make more by investing than paying off the house? 

We earmark a HUGE chunk for investments, then we tick a few million off the list by taking care of the kids and grandkids. From there it goes something like this:

— Let’s hire an architect and build a big house with all kinds of cool features … like a hidden wine cellar.

I dream of a trap door with a winding staircase to a hidden wine cellar.

— We need a bigger pool, too. One that’s long enough to swim really good laps.

A little shade for those who would rather pause at the bar than swim laps.

— Ohhh … and an outdoor kitchen with a fridge for cold drinks … and a bathroom with a door to the outside so you don’t have to drip through the house.

Go big! How about refrigerator drawers, an ice machine AND a pizza oven?

The banter goes back and forth as we add cool things that are unrealistic, but make for fun dreams and banter. Then we move on to travel. 

What about a jet subscription so we can fly where we want, when we want?

First class pales in comparison to your own private jet.

When the fun of spending ridiculous amounts of money that we don’t have begins to wane, we move on to more realistic dreams. Our next vacation is almost always first on the list. Do we tick an item off the bucket list? Do we take a road trip or travel to another continent? 

A little more realistically we pull out maps and plan actual vacations.

We’ve spent hours and hours dreaming of bigger, better, different, and new things. We’ve rearranged rooms, added little features and traveled the world in our dreams. Then, often, we get home and map out a plan to make several of the things we discussed come true. If we’d never dreamed it, it probably would never have happened.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Turn your dreams into reality and cherish the memories.

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