Gratitude and Joy

Day 281 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Dreams

We’ve spent hours and hours dreaming of bigger, better, different, and new things ... Then, often, we get home and map out a plan to make several of the things we discussed come true.

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Dreaming of Travel

There I was, halfway through my first cup of caffeine, thinking about travel.

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Musings From Mid-air

You often hear people say if they had that kind of money, they wouldn’t change. To that I sneak in another boldly stated, “Balderdash!” Of course you will change!

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Rewrite Your Stars … or How Dreaming Makes You Successful

I have always been a dreamer! When I was young, that label was used to chastise, but you don't have to see it that way. Now I prefer to see dreaming as a stepping stone to success.


Travel is Personal

This headline may seem a little like a no-brainer to a lot of people, but I’m not sure most people take their travel personally. Here’s what I mean: I’ve been to Paris three times and I’ve never been up in the Eiffel Tower. Oh sure, I’ve been TO the Eiffel Tower, but not up in… Continue reading Travel is Personal

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Yes You Can!

Greg and I have spent the last few weeks obsessing about a decision we’ve made. We’re a few years from retirement, but we found where we want to retire and we’ve decided to build our retirement home there. It’s a big step that means we will either carry two mortgages, sell our current home or… Continue reading Yes You Can!