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Dreaming of Travel

I have travel dreams. I don’t mean thinking about trips, I mean actual dreams. I lay down, close my eyes, fall asleep and they start. I dream of trips on trains and ships leaving port; being upgraded and missing connections, losing bags and shopping adventures. 

Dreaming of travel

My dreams are of places I’ve only seen in pictures or movies and places I’ve actually been. Sometimes I travel with friends, sometimes with family, sometimes alone.

Not all of my slumber-induced, full-color “videos” are good ones. I’ve dreamed of losing my kids in amusement parks, fighting over what to pack or not pack, zippers on luggage breaking, losing my passport … I think of these as my travel nightmares.

Of course, that probably shouldn’t surprise me, but somehow it always does. When I wake from a travel dream I can’t imagine why on Earth I had that dream. I wonder what made me think about that in my sleep. Then, when I finally wake up (after that first cup of coffee), I realize it makes perfect sense. 

I spend at least a small part of most days wondering where I’ll go next, pricing out flights and hotels, planning routes for big driving vacations and on and on. 

This morning I woke from a weird mix of dreams, some good, some bad. I grabbed my coffee and started to wonder what they mean. There’s really no way to know the answer to my question, but there I was, halfway through my first cup of caffeine, thinking about travel.

As is typical for me, I have more questions than answers. What do you tell people when they ask your favorite vacation spot? I mean, how do I choose a single favorite? Or any question that requires personal interpretation like, “What’s the best place you’ve ever been?”

Of course, there’s always the flipside to those questions: Where would you never go back? What was your worst vacation? Those, somehow, are harder for me. As an optimist, I can usually find something in every horrible experience that’s worth sharing. In fact, I’ve gone back to “re-do” a couple of not-so-great trips, effectively upgrading the memory to a good one.

Friends have recently asked how I come up with my blogs when I don’t get to travel as much as I’d like. A single weekend trip can give me three or four blogs, but a good night’s sleep can also turn into a blog – like this one. As the sun sneaks in my window and my eyes reluctantly nudge my mind out of a dream, I start writing in my head. Then I get up, shuffle to my keyboard, coffee in hand, sleep still in my eyes, and share my travel-ish thoughts with you.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. I don’t always have to be awake to explore it.

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