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Curing Wanderlust

A package arrived in the mail yesterday. Since I wasn’t expecting anything, I was a little surprised and a little excited. What could it be?

I grabbed the scissors, cut through the tape and opened the lid on the little white box to reveal a bottle of “pills.” These weren’t just any pills. The rainbow-colored contents of the clear jar are apparently a cure for wanderlust … at least that’s what the writing on the jar promises.

I lifted it out of the box and read the gold words: “For fast relief of the incurable desire to travel.” 

I laughed out loud – a  sort of combination of glee and delight. This is the PERFECT gift for me. I double-checked the shipping label. I had noticed the address at first glance, but looking again there was the name of the sender. A friend from California sent me this brilliant goodie.

I admit it, I hope the promised relief doesn’t happen.

I spent a few minutes oo’ing and aaah’ing over the bottle and its contents. I untied the label hanging from its neck and opened the accordion folds to reveal a guide to the treats inside. 

Luckily, there was another “Mini ‘Mingo” for Greg to try.

I unscrewed the lid and peered inside. Reaching in carefully, I pulled out a tiny flamingo. It was pink (as all flamingos should be) and hard. It had been nestled against two bright read gummy-feeling candies. 

A world of flavors awaits.

I perused the guide and discovered I was about to eat a “Mini ‘Mingo.” I sucked on the candy for a second then bit into it, crushing it and releasing a flavor that is akin to a sweet tart. 

I went back to the jar and pulled out one of the red gummies. Not surprisingly, I easily confirmed my guess: It was a Swedish fish. A few chews later I headed to the jar again. My third test of the contents was a crimson gummi bear. Having spent extensive time in Germany, I’m fairly certain this was a cherry Haribo gummi bar. Oh the delight of half-chewing, half gumming that favorite flavor from my youth!

Like any good medication, there are directions…
Of course, there is also an appropriate warning.

I screwed the lid back on my “prescription” and turned to Greg. “I don’t think this cure is going to work,” I offered. “I’ve only had three bites and I already want to travel even more.” We had a laugh and shared how great it is to have a friend who clearly knows me. I figure at three tastes a day I have about a month to get through this “medication.” I’ll let you know if it works.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. I don’t think I want to be cured of my desire to explore it.

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2 thoughts on “Curing Wanderlust”

  1. So happy you are enjoying it! I clearly did not intend to “cure”you, merely temper the urge while times are tough 😉
    I have one too but am afraid to eat them (just being safe).


    1. I just HAD to try a couple. I ADORE the look of the jar, so further “medicating” my condition may not happen. LOL


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