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Musings From Mid-air

For some reason, sitting on a plane flying across the country always inspires me to write. Here’s a little something I jotted down from 36,000 feet:

Fortunately I had a small notepad in my handbag.

I sit watching the flight attendants busily crafting drinks for my fellow passengers. My front row seat means mine is already in hand. I sip a refreshing mimosa and marvel at how my life has changed.

A few rows back, behind a gauzy curtain, coach passengers sneak peaks. I know. I was one for most of my life – feeling jealous and wondering what it was like to be one of the fortunate folks in front of the curtain. I take another sip and feel a twinge of revenge-motivated delight. Those nay-sayers who set the bar far too low for my dreams and imagination are still sitting behind the curtain when they travel.

Cheers from the first row.

In the midst of a pandemic, the fortunate are the select few who still hear the question, “Can I get you something to drink?” and even better, perhaps a warm cookie, a snack or maybe even a meal. A thought that pops into my head with regularity appears again – if you never dream it, you will never achieve it. From a very young age, too many children are told to keep their heads out of the clouds. To that I shout, “BALDERDASH! Dream big – as big as you can!”

My daughter dreams of amazing vacations.

I rejoice that my daughter posts pictures of multi-million dollar homes and tropical beach vacations that she can’t have. She is still dreaming despite being a single mom who struggles to pay the bills. I was there once. I know her struggle is real. I also know she can overcome it. I did. I am thrilled my son recently bought a new home for his young family. It’s their first, but he didn’t stop dreaming of it until he and his wife found the one they loved. It has a barn for a horse – a yet unrealized dream that will undoubtedly come true.

Ian Fleming novels inspire a jet-setting lifestyle.

But most of all, I find it difficult to contain my joy as I glance at my seatmate. He is dreaming, too, of the glamour of a James Bond-like existence as he reads the original Iam Fleming novels about the notorious spy. He shares passages of detail-packed insights into fashion, food, and surroundings from a different world decades ago, but we ponder ways to bring those back to life.  

To those who are convinced this lifestyle isn’t possible, I offer this: Ten years ago I was borrowing money from my mom to pay my electric bill. I actually used my Visa to pay my Mastercard. It was NOT easy. I made tough decisions along the way. The experience taught me to be a lot more careful with money. 

I will never be the jet-setting 20-something I once dreamed of, but the dream of being the glamorous gray-haired traveler who makes you wonder who she is or where she’s headed lives on. I’ll take that.

You often hear people say if they had that kind of money, they wouldn’t change. To that I sneak in another boldly stated, “Balderdash!” Of course you will change!

You’ll revel every night at the softness of light-as-air sheets. You’ll savor the depth of flavors in a truly well-cooked meal. You’ll appreciate them more because you’ve lived without them, but you will also come to expect these things. After all, you earned them. I do. I did! I worked and cut corners and struggled to get here. I deserve the things I have.

You deserve them, too – but not until you’ve earned them. So get out there. Do what you love! Find a way to make your dreams come true. 

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Make it your dream to see it all … then make your own dreams come true.

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