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Living Vicariously

I recently made a decision to focus more on living and writing and less on social media. I noticed I was spending WAY too much time with my face in my computer, laptop, tablet and phone screens and ignoring people … actual people who were in the room with me.

What did I miss just sitting there with my face in my phone?

When I sent a note to friends, several asked me not to leave or at least not to unfriend them because they were “living vicariously” through my travels and posts. 

So here I sit, drafting a blog for all my readers (“all” might seem a bit optimistic – Hahaha) and wondering why anyone would live vicariously through someone else. Maybe it’s the new year. Maybe it’s the gray days of winter. Maybe it’s something else … but I’ve given that a lot of thought lately. 

You have to want it bad enough to do it … but you can change your life.

My most recent blog touched on it … that if you want to travel, or change your life, you have to do it. Unless you are incarcerated, your life really is a matter of choices. I wouldn’t dream of saying those choices are easy, but they are still choices.

That said, I enjoy sharing my friends’ posts about family and activities and things that make them laugh. I understand the pull to maintain those connections, even if they are fairly surface. 

I am still committed to reducing my posts on social media. I hope to stay “connected” to you, dear blog readers, through my twice weekly ramblings, travel tips and hints, musings, etc. And for those friends who live vicariously through me, I hope these blogs will satisfy some of those fantasies … and lead to fulfilling fantasies of your own.

Live in the moment instead of on the phone. (Photo by Kampus Production)

I also boldly offer a piece of advice … go live a life that will make others want to live vicariously through you. Find little moments in your day worth sharing – spread those moments of joy! 

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored … journeys always start with the first step.

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