Gratitude and Joy

Day 286 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Open Windows

Last night I came home from running an errand and asked Alexa what to expect in terms of weather today. Her response was “thunderstorms and a high of 86.” I immediately asked Greg if it’s time to open the windows.

One of the best things about this time of year is the temperatures drop to the point where you can throw open the windows and let the easy breezes of fall in.

Greg opens the dining room windows to let the breezes in.

It’s cool enough overnight to sleep. It doesn’t get so hot during the day that the house heats up like an oven.

The open window lets the sounds of the fountain in, too.

The winds are variable … sometimes we can get a lovely breeze through the house to freshen  the stagnant air from being closed-up and air-conditioned all summer. It just makes everything somehow brighter.

Breezes lift curtains around the world. (Photo:

Around the world open windows are a common sight. People air their linens, cool their homes, and let the world in, rather than shutting it out. You can spot children playing, old women knitting, and the occasional bride getting ready for her big day through curtains blowing breezily almost year-round.

This little girl looked down on us as we were sightseeing in Venice.

This is the curse of living in the desert. Our seasons are flipped. Summer here is when we are stuck inside like a family after a blizzard. The heat causes our cabin fever. So our world is waking up now for the next three seasons. Festivals and farmers markets are back on the schedule until May. We are opening our windows as if it were spring cleaning season. It’s refreshing.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Throw open your windows to the world!

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