Gratitude and Joy

Day 285 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Fountains

Our street is filled with the rumbling, rattling, clanking of construction vehicles from before sunrise until late in the afternoon every day. As my neighbors and I watch the homes in the new section of our neighborhood near completion, we are all excited at the prospect of returning to the calming quiet of our desert community.

Until then, spending time sitting in the courtyard, sipping coffee and watching Enzo laze in the sun is difficult, but not impossible. The beautiful fountain we put out there shortly after we moved in continues to save the day.

The fountain adds soothing sounds amid a splash of color.

It gurgles and plinks and babbles mostly masking the truck engine growls and equipment snorts that would otherwise fill the air.

I love the gurgle of its bubbles.

Many of us have fountains or other water features. The original reason (and the long term one) has nothing to do with the trucks and vehicles screaming down our road. It’s because a lot of us enjoy the sound of flowing and trickling water, especially in a region that is known for its extreme dryness.

Many of my neighbors have fountains or other water features.

When we had the pool built, we included a short wall with a waterfall for its beauty and cooling ability. The fountain gushes pool water in an arch over the back wall, cooling the summer sun-heated water and providing a grotto-like opportunity to hide behind the flow and escape the triple digit temperatures of mid-summer.

Our pool waterfall cools the water, too.

As I sat yesterday listening to the courtyard fountain’s musical bubbling, I realized how grateful I am to be able to relax and enjoy the outdoors. It’s fall; the temperatures have dipped to moderate levels; our love of the outdoor lifestyle has returned. 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Let a fountain soothe you on a hot, noisy day.

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