Gratitude and Joy

Day 284 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Mystery Adventures

Yesterday an opportunity arose to take a chance on a mysterious adventure. A cruise line we’ve sailed on has offered mystery cruises for two years and just added a couple of options for 2023. I’d been waiting for the dates with my fingers crossed since my travel agent assured me there was a chance the mystery cruises had run their course.

The moment I saw the email, I broke into a huge smile and high-fived the air. Greg looked over quizzically and I practically shouted, “The 2023 mystery cruises are on the schedule!” Within moments I’d texted Micky to secure our cabin.

Micky curates stunning travel experiences and never fails to amaze me.

For the rest of the day, both Greg and I returned to the topic of a mystery cruise with joy. We shared  the thrill of taking a trip we know next to nothing about. All we know is our date of departure, the airport we are supposed to fly into and the name of the cruise company. Everything else is unknown.

The details boxes just tease you with a “you have to trust us” message.

It reminded us both how fun and exciting it is to take a chance. It made me think back to the time we, at the last minute, decided to jump off a cliff in Lima, Peru and go parasailing.

Take a risk … it can be well worth it.

Greg reminded me of the time I convinced him to leave on a two week trip with one change of clothes and an empty suitcase. Neither of us had ever done that before. I knew I wanted to shop at our destination. He had no idea what to expect on the trip and was nervous, but it turned into a huge success. By the end of the trip, a local asked him for directions because we didn’t look like tourists.

Greg looked very European by the end of the trip.

Oh sure, you can research your adventures and plan them in advance, but there is something utterly captivating about not knowing what will happen and embracing the unknown. After all …

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored.

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