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Day 306 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Clean Windows

I remember jokes when I was growing up about how a woman would do any chore around the house except for windows. Windows get a bad rap because they are hard to clean. The wrong rag leaves streaks, same with the wrong cleanser. Glass is notorious for how hard it is to clean.

When we moved into our new home, all the neighbors were also moving into new homes. We also share the joy of being (for the most part) retired. We’re looking for ways to spend our retirement enjoying life and spending a lot less time with daily (and routine) chores. Windows is near the top of most of our lists.

When a neighbor shared the name of her window cleaner, I admit I was skeptical. I mean, sure they are hard to clean, but how much will that cost? When she tossed out a number, I was shocked. Really? I can afford that! WHAT??? It includes outside, inside AND all mirrors??? I’m in. I picked up my phone and texted “Bob.”

Yesterday was Bob’s fourth visit to our home to wipe away the dingy spots and dust of life in the desert and let the sun shine in. 

Bob smiles as he works to erase a half year of window grime.

He and his assistant, Ashley, arrived with buckets and squeegees and assorted tools of their trade and proceeded to easily erase the gloom of the monsoonal storms.

Ashley tackles the dust and fingerprints on the inside of the windows.

Ashley tackled the inside while Bob took care of the outside of the windows and the screens.

On his first visit I was shocked to learn the cleaning included the screens.

In a little less than an hour, including a little playtime with Enzo, the windows sparkled.

You can’t see it, but Enzo was anxiously awaiting attention from Ashley.

I joke with Bob, who it turns out is a fan of this blog, that I am grateful for his efforts and the joy of bright sunshine streaming in through my newly polished windows. We shared a laugh as we scheduled his next visit … in the spring.

A shameless plug for his business. I get NO benefit from this … but the service they provide is worth it.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Let the sun shine in!

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