Gratitude and Joy

Day 309 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Long Shadows

There’s something about a nice walk on a beautiful evening that takes me to my youth. When I was young, we would visit my grandmother who lived with two of her sisters. Each evening, after dinner was done and the kitchen was cleaned, they would go for a walk. When we visited, we were always invited to tag along. They -lived near a huge cemetery and it was a favorite because it was quiet and absolutely traffic-free.

When I got older, that quiet time after dinner always made me want to put on my shoes and go for a stroll, but I rarely did anymore. Life got in the way and I was always too busy or too tired. I did miss the long evening shadows, though. 

When Stacy and I went on a trip to Romania, we were riding into a town one evening on horseback and I noticed the growing shadows of our small riding party. I grabbed my camera and snapped one of my favorite photos from a vacation. The image struck a chord with me and I am grateful I was able to grab it before it faded away.

I love this picture of our little group as the sun was beginning to set.

Greg and I have tried to make time for walks often since we’ve been together. It’s a great way to talk about the day, relax and get a little exercise. In the desert summer heat, however, it’s nearly impossible from May to October. Now that the temps are dipping into the reasonable zone, we are trying to work our walks back into our routine

The sun’s low angle highlighted the orange tips of the cactus in our yard.

Yesterday the timing was right. We grabbed Enzo’s leash and headed out for a quick stroll through the neighborhood. The shadows were just beginning to lengthen. 

Enzo looked away just as I captured him with his shadow.

We wandered to a nearby path and marveled at the shadows of the trees. 

Even through the shade-filtered light, the shadows were striking.

I spotted a neighbor’s flag fluttering on the occasional breeze and casting a mirror image on their house in the late afternoon sun.

A flag catches a light breeze and casts a shadow of its own.

We chatted about our day and the nice, easy weekend that was wrapping up. We planned a little of the week ahead, waved to neighbors we passed and enjoyed each other’s company. As we made our way back home the shadows were turning dusky and our light cast an eerie image that reminded me it’s Halloween. 

The lights weren’t on yet, but the shadows was already a bit eerie.

Easy days and long shadows leave me feeling grateful and peaceful. It’s the simple joy of holding someone’s hand and feeling at home. 

Our little family cast long shadows as we neared the end of our walk.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Wander a bit at sunset and enjoy the long shadows. 

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