Gratitude and Joy

Day 321 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Haul Out The Holly

Yes, we admit it … it’s not even Thanksgiving and we’re already decorating for Christmas. But before you declare us blasphemous, let’s be clear this blog is more about changing things up than the decorations themselves (don’t worry, that will come!). 

For years, Greg and I have had a deal:I decorate the inside, he does the outside. That means that, for almost two full days after Thanksgiving, we spend our time apart. He’s on a ladder detangling lights while I’m digging through the balls and hanging them on the trees. We’ve come to realize that working separately, even when it’s basically the same project, doesn’t work for us. We get cranky, so that when the work is done, we don’t really celebrate because we’re in a bad mood. So, we changed things up and are much happier and satisfied with our end products when we do them together!

In years past the closest we came to working together was me snapping a picture.

The same thing started to happen this year when we put up our new “naughty” tree in the bar/lounge. I put the new tree up during the day while Greg was working and got it all fluffed. In the evening, I asked Greg to help me decorate. Wine glasses in hand, we sang along with Christmas music playing in the background as we put up the boozy and other NSFW ornaments on the retro teal tree.

Our new tree perfectly complements the mid-century modern and “inappropriate and eclectic” vibe of the lounge.

Then came the real shocker … Greg told me he was already in the Christmas mood, ready to throw tradition out the window and start decorating the house for the holidays. I grabbed a couple of things and he helped me craft together the new decorations for our dining room chairs. 

Gluing the pine cone-covered snowflakes to the ribbons didn’t work out as planned, so Greg helped tie them on.

Then yesterday, we went together to the home decor store for some additional supplies. As we left the store, I remarked how much easier it was to shop WITH him rather than try to guess what he would and would not like. We have really similar tastes, but talking through A versus B made us both happier with the results. 

Round one of the new decorations for this year.

We still have a lot of work to do and our HOA rules limit the times outdoor decorations can be up. That just means we have several more days and evenings ahead focused on getting the house ready for Christmas. It’s truly a joyful thing when we do it all together.

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. When you walk the journey together with the one you love, it’s even more special!

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