Gratitude and Joy

Day 322 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Online Shopping

I know I’ve posted about online shopping before, but today I am grateful for it for a whole different reason. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been out and about looking for a few things for the house and just needing to be out — or so I thought!

Shoppers are out in force! Everywhere I’ve been I’ve encountered nearly Black Friday-sized crowds of fellow bargain hunters. Carts jam the aisles, cars fill the parking lots and lines at the registers snake into the stores. What is happening?

It’s so crowded you can’t find a cart to use.

I double checked the calendar to make sure I didn’t sleep through a couple of weeks, but it clearly says November 13. Why does it seem like everyone is out already? Greg and I talked about it and decided to blame COVID. For a couple of years now we’ve been staying home, right? Stores have been empty because we were warned to avoid crowds.

It seems people are ready to get a little closer.

I’m convinced that, like me, people just need to be out. Shoppers are returning to the “I want to see and touch what I’m buying” mentality and you just can’t do that online. After a handful of trips to packed stores, I’m ready to return … with gratitude and joy … to the world of online shopping. 

Find your item, place it in your cart, add card info … no crowds required (Photo:

I’ve gotten pretty good at finding what I need from the comfort of my desk chair, so I don’t have to deal with traffic and parking lots and the never-ending concern that someone’s abandoned shopping cart will bump into my car and leave a tell-tale dent.

Please secure your cart so I can stop worrying.

As an added bonus, I can have my purchases delivered to their intended recipients without having to face the other holiday horror of waiting in line at the post office! Online shopping for the win!

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. When it comes to shopping, exploring can be more fun from home.

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