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Day 339 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Christmas Cookies

I read a joke on Facebook that goes something like this … Website: “We use cookies to improve performance.” Me: “Me, too!” It’s funny because it’s true, especially this time of year. After all, it is Christmas cookie season.

For me, one of the most ever-lasting traditions of the season is making, sharing and eating cookies. There are several that I only make during the holidays. By limiting them to December, they stay special and coveted. 

Greg loves Italian pizzelles

But those special cookies just add to the culinary festivities when they join others on a party display.

Every year I put out plates and trays of cookies.

This year I spread the baking out over three days. Day one I made one of Greg’s favorites. It’s important to make Snickerdoodles first because they are quick and easy and, more importantly, fun to snack on while I’m making the others. Then I mixed up the two kinds that require overnight refrigeration.

It’s just not Christmas without Snickerdoodles.

Day two is getting those fridge cookies out and getting them into the oven. The little chocolate ones are my son’s favorite cookie and I always think about making a double batch like I used to. He would eat three dozen without blinking an eye, so it was essential when he was young. Several years ago he asked for the recipe, so I know he’s in Colorado right now either eating ones he’s already made … or getting ready to.

Refrigerate, roll into balls, cover with sugar and bake. YUM!

Day three I made other favorites. The smell of fresh-baked cookies still filled the air when the party-goers arrived. Everyone nibbled on the sweets throughout the night. I’m not gonna say this tradition is my favorite, but it’s certainly near the top. 

The cookies were front and center last night.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Grab a Christmas cookie and enjoy!

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