Gratitude and Joy

Day 343 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Spellcheck and Grammar Check

I remember being a voracious reader as a child. My parents would yell at my sister and me to turn off the light and go to sleep, but instead we would flip on our beds so our heads were toward the lighted hallway instead of our feet. Then we would read by the light filtering in. Doctors will tell you that activity – straining our eyes every night – probably led to our needing glasses at an early age. But, I digress. Reading isn’t the point of today’s blog.

This girl and I have a lot in common. (Photo:

The volumes of books I read as a child certainly contributed to the fact that I’ve always been a good speller. Knowing words and seeing them in print supposedly contributes to that, but it doesn’t make you a perfect speller. There are some words I can never get right.

From the earliest days, I did well on spelling tests.

That’s where spellcheck comes in. Thank goodness for it. As I write my blog, those little squiggly red lines show up under words regularly. My “fat fingers” hit the wrong keys and I don’t notice until spellcheck points out my error(s). 

Typically, it’s the same words … occasional is a common one. In fact, it happens so often that I had to retype it wrong several times to grab a picture – because autocorrect fixed it. 

Some words just won’t sink into my brain.

Grammar check does the same thing. As a journalist, I learned most of the rules well enough to avoid those little blue lines, but sometimes the computer doesn’t like my phrasing and warns me to double check it.

Spell check and grammar check can’t decide if this is one word or two.

As a blogger, these two simple parts of my word processor have saved me daily. Maybe I’ll spend a little time today researching who is behind these lifesavers and send a note of gratitude. After all, sharing my appreciation brings me joy.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Thank goodness we don’t have to spell often on our adventures.

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