Gratitude and Joy

Day 344 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Greg’s Special Day.

Today is Greg’s birthday! We are very lucky that our birthdays are essentially six months apart. We decided last year that instead of a birthDAY or week or even month, we would celebrate from birthday to birthday.

Greg blows out the candles on his cake.

That means today is the end of Greg’s six month celebration … and tomorrow is the beginning of mine. (YAY!!)

Birthday cake is one of my favorite traditions. (Photo:

When you focus on the positive, each day is a celebration. Looking for reasons to see gratitude and joy in everything make it easy to toast something every single day … but honestly, there are still those special days on the calendar to show your love with a gift or special meal.

If you let the hotel know you’re celebrating, they often leave a small gift.

Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and the like just provide an excuse to pop open a bottle of bubbly, cheat with a special dessert or invite friends over for a barbecue. I love finding a reason to celebrate and especially making a big deal about days like this.

By the time you read this he will have already had his breakfast, although not in bed because he likes to mix it up in the kitchen. But I did make sure the coffee maker was scheduled to have a fresh pot brewed and ready when he woke up.

The coffee was scheduled to be ready when he woke up.

About a week ago I asked what he wanted for dinner tonight and he asked for a steak … then asked if he could be a little unusual and cook it himself. He has something in mind so I guess I will be getting a surprise for his birthday dinner. Before that, though, I’ll surprise him with a little something I’ve planned. 

This is Enzo’s first year to choose a present for dad. (Photo:

Birthday wishes will come from near and far. Friends and family will call throughout the day. Enzo has a little gift tucked away for his first “birthday present for dad.” I’ll do what I can to make sure he has everything he wants today to make him happy. Birthdays, after all, only come once a year.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Celebrate your special days.

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