Gratitude and Joy

Day 350 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Company

When I was a young girl, my mom would spend weeks deep cleaning everything before Grandma came to visit. As I got a little older, I asked her about it and she groaned a bit and insisted her mom was a stickler for clean … and would berate her if she found anything below standard during her visit. Thank goodness that tradition has died – well sort of!

I don’t remember my mom ever smiling like the woman in this vintage image. (Photo: Getty Images)

Before Greg’s mom came to visit us the first time, I admit I spent a lot more time than usual wiping things down and giving the house a good once-over. It was, by no means, a deep clean like my mom did. In fact, it wasn’t even a good spring cleaning. Our house was clean enough, but I wanted to make a really good first impression.

When Greg’s mom visited us in Virginia, we took her to a favorite winery.

Before the kids come to visit, I do very little. Mostly, their visit involves a pricey trip to the grocery store and a pile of special gifts on the bed in the guest room. They get fresh jammies (it’s a tradition I started when they were babies), some special item that’s useful for their visit (one year it was their own towel for the pool), and usually a toy or book or something fun. Otherwise, there’s not much prep.

Grandkid visits are more about making messes than staying clean.

Then there are the far-too-rare visits from friends. I love these visits! We get to double check the sheets on the guest bed, spruce up the bathroom and plan a special menu to spoil them! 

This snowman welcomes guests in the winter.

We started a new tradition of billing ourselves as the most exclusive resort in Arizona – an invitation only, all-inclusive getaway guaranteed to delight and amaze. We request food allergies and preferences for menu planning like a private chef. We plan some fun activities … or just heat up the pool for a day of relaxation. It is their vacation after all!

We’re expecting a cold front this week, so pool time may be out of the question.

This week we have friends coming in for a few days and I am counting down the moments. I feel a little like a kid on Christmas Eve. I’ll spend the next couple of days running around, getting things done before they arrive so I don’t have to do anything but enjoy their company while they are here. There’s nothing quite as fun as company and I’m always grateful when someone comes to visit and brings joyful memories.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Have fun with friends from far away.

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