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Day 351 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – I Can’t Blog THAT!

Less than two weeks from the end of my year and I keep coming back to all the things that I am grateful for that bring me joy … and I simply CANNOT blog about them! In all of our lives there are things that put a smile on our face that are not appropriate for “company”  as my mom used to describe them. For that reason, I’ll try to explain what I mean without actually writing about anything that is NSFW (Not Safe For Work). Some of my challenge comes with the inability to use a picture to illustrate what I mean. Some are easier than others … here goes:

Having our own pool means I rarely have to break out a bathing suit. Anyone who’s ever skinny dipped in a lake (or anywhere for that matter) will tell you how great it feels. 

Neighbors snapped us mid-smooch in their pool … at least we weren’t skinny dipping.

Speaking of wearing your birthday suit … the feel of fresh sheets, crisp and cool, as you crawl into bed at night with nothing on … Ahhh … grateful and joyous.

Then, of course, there are the other things you can do when you’re undressed. I’ll leave that to your imagination. 

There are a few things that aren’t nearly as naughty as they are personal. I’m extremely grateful for the way that you really figure out your own body as you get older. The little signs of when you don’t eat well, or are coming down with something, become easier and easier to read as you age and learn your body … but they can be icky.

Regularity … enough said.

My naughty Christmas tree. We have a tree in the bar that is decidedly naughty. It started with boozy ornaments, then we discovered naughtier ones. We decided since a bar is an adult room, why not? We even have some adult souvenirs from places we’ve visited that a scattered about the room.

From the right angle, I can grab a picture that is safe to post.

Dirty jokes. Come on, we all love ‘em even if we can’t share ‘em online. Even as a youngster we learn them and find ways to share them with our best friends. Lucky for us, the internet is a seemingly never-ending source of new material.

I’ll leave this to your imagination.

There are more, for sure, but before I get into trouble I’ll stop. I’m so grateful for having friends in my life who appreciate (or at least pretend to) my often inappropriate lifestyle. Greg and I make people laugh … and probably scare some away. That’s OK, too. As I get to the end of this year, I hope everyone out there is able to find their own joy and be grateful for it.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. It’s OK to be a little naughty now and then.

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1 thought on “Day 351 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – I Can’t Blog THAT!”

  1. Ahhh happy anniversary and so nice to see our pool in one of your blogs!!! Great to have neighbors and friends to enjoy life with gratitude.


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