Gratitude and Joy

Day 361 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Gifting, Regifting and NOT Gifting

Today is National Regifting Day. Personally, I think regifting gets a bad rap. When someone gives you a gift that is meant to fill a need for them to give you something (anything) and they either don’t put any thought into it, or they put the wrong thought into it, why not pass it on to someone who would actually like it?

“Gee … uh … thanks?” (Photo:

This is especially true of unintentionally bad gifts. Those are the ones you get in office white elephant exchanges. You end up with a joke gift or, in the case of those ones where you can steal from someone, a gift it appears no one really wants. The amazing thing about those types of parties is that many of the participants are trying to get rid of things that are new, but truly unwanted. 

Your turn to choose at the office Christmas party. (Photo:

One year, I ended up with a lovely set of four little canape plates on an adorable rack. They matched my decor. They came in handy at parties. It was a case of someone else’s trash being my treasure. In short, stop being mean about regifting. Give that ugly tie to someone who loves ugly ties. Pass that weird bowl on to someone who compliments it. If the spirit of a gift is to make the recipient happy … and passing it on makes you happy … well, mission accomplished!

Sometimes it’s the perfect gift. (Photo:

Regifting also brings up gifting and NOT gifting. I put a lot of thought into gifts I give. Even then, I’m sure I’ve given gifts to others who took them home and thought, “what the heck am I supposed to do with this?” I’m here to tell you, if you get a gift from me that you don’t want … get rid of it! If you can’t be sure someone will LOVE a gift, then don’t be offended if they give it away. Be grateful your purchase will end up being appreciated.


As to NOT gifting … I’d rather not receive a gift than receive a bad one. I suppose for many people that is a gasp-inducing statement. Too many people give gifts because they feel obligated rather than generous. I spot things throughout the year that I know friends and family will love. Sometimes something on a store shelf immediately makes me think of someone. That’s when I buy it and give it. Of course, that means at Christmas there are dear friends who don’t get gifts from me. I hope they remember those things they’ve received throughout the year.

Christmas is my favorite season and I am grateful for the extra effort we all make to spend time together, sharing stories and laughter. The season of giving brings me joy … even if I’m regiving or not giving anything other than my love and friendship.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Rip off the pretty paper and enjoy!

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