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Tubac … Call First

I am a shopper. I love to find the hard-to-find and unique items native to anyplace I visit. I support shopping from local businesses and family-run or artist-owned shops. It should come as no surprise that a recent trip south of Tucson included a stop at La Entrada de Tubac … a collection of shops and restaurants off Interstate 19. 

I’d seen the brochures for this out-of-the-ordinary outdoor mall and was excited to check out the galleries and stores. Sadly, Covid has left its mark on specialty shops like the ones here and many were closed temporarily; still others were simply closed on Mondays … the day we visited. 

This may sound like a recommendation to avoid La Entrada, but it is not! The few shops that were open were filled with treasures and trinkets. The closed shops showed off even more treasures through their windows. 

We will head back to Tubac in the fall and spend hours browsing the Mexican art, homemade furniture, galleries of paintings and sculptures. This time we will call first to make sure Covid restrictions are lifted.

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored, make sure it’s not closed before you try to explore it.

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