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Hot Dogs at a Burger Place

On a recent day of errands, we ended up in Scottsdale about the same time our growling stomachs let us know it was lunch time. 

decorative magnetic picture frame
Our fun find at Two Plates Full.

We made a stop at an incredible little boutique, Two Plates Full where we shopped for some fun items and snagged a really cool picture frame for our wall. Another growl from our tummies had us asking “Terri” for recommendations for a hot dog nearby. She recommended a local place nearly next door, called Happy’s Hamburgers. She had the menu behind the counter. That’s always a good sign. When locals frequent a place enough to keep the menu handy, you know you’ll get a good meal. 

Happy’s Hamburgers in Scottsdale

We walked about ten doors down in 110 degree heat and into the cool air conditioning below a big “Happy’s Hamburgers” banner. A white board teased the chipotle burger with your choice of fries, chips or tater tots as the special of the day. The menu boasted a smiling hamburger. The website even suggested we “Eat at Happy’s.”  

picture menu at Happy's
The menu includes intriguing burger options

Known for its burgers (duh), Happy’s offered five specialty burgers that were intriguing, but we’d been craving a dog for a few days, so we ordered chili dogs (mine without onions, Greg’s with) and an order of the Terri-recommended tater tots.

Chili dogs and tater tots. Good thing she brought silverware.

We laughed with our fabulous server, Erika, as she filled our styrofoam cups with ice and soda and took our seats in the bright dining room. Moments later, she delivered two dogs drowned with chili and topped with shredded cheese and, in Greg’s case, a pile of crunchy onions. A quick pop back to the kitchen was followed with a basket overflowing with crispy-on-the-outside-soft-in-the-middle tots. Erika offered a choice of Happy’s homemade dipping sauces.

With that much chili, this dog is not one you can pick up and eat with your hands. It was a little weird to eat a chili dog with a knife and fork … but so very worth it! It took an amazing amount of willpower to stop eating those tots before we got to the bottom of the basket. Erika offered refills on our drinks as we did our best to not make a mess devouring our lunch. 

We plan to go back to try one (or more) of those burger options soon. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a good hot dog … don’t write off Happy’s just because it’s a burger place. Your taste buds will thank you!

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Grab a dog at a local spot while you’re out.

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2 thoughts on “Hot Dogs at a Burger Place”

    1. It may not be the very best dog in the valley, but it was delicious and those tater tots! YUM! We can’t wait to go back and try one of the burgers.


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