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Do You Dare?

A few years ago I was in a bathroom in a bar that had a one-way mirror. This one was for the amusement of people in the loo. In the ladies room, it was over the sinks and while you couldn’t check your make-up, you could laugh as people walked past the mirror in the restaurant and stopped to check their look. I was told there was one in the men’s room, too. Theirs was supposedly above the urinals.

My friends and I had a chuckle over the scene and, naturally, ended up talking about some of the strangest places we’ve ever … er … had to “go.”

For many years, I snapped pics of unusual bathrooms on my travels and hung them in, where else, my bathroom. I’ve used one or two in slideshows for presentations about overcoming American sensibilities in faraway lands. I thought it might be fun to share a few with you.

I didn’t take a picture of the one way mirror at the bar, but I have seen this public toilet on a square in Switzerland … YEARS ago. I wasn’t brave enough to try it.

From the outside, this looks like a fancy port-a-potty.
From the inside … a little too transparent for me.

In Morroco and India, these public restrooms leave many foreign travelers scratching their heads. How? Let’s just say proper foot placement is a must.

The attendant came by afterwards with a bucket of water to “flush” for you.
I’d say men have the advantage here.

At a hotel in Scotland, the typical “pull chain” was attached to a VERY high tank. I was told gravity plays an important role in water flow.

Gravity works wonders, but plumbers probably have to carry a ladder.

At a small hotel in Florence, the bidet folded down. I’ve never seen anything like it since!

This bidet stowed flat against the wall maximizing the floor space in the small room.

German public restrooms are cleaned often. Years go, the two-button flush system was new to me. At the time, it was a puzzler. Let’s just say the smaller button gives you a smaller flush. 

The two-button flush system is a water saver.

OK … maybe not the part of the bathroom you’d expect, but this shower in Jamaica is still a favorite. 

This spacious shower was a welcome treat.

While the bathroom itself was unremarkable, I was fascinated by this graphic sticker on the wall at NASA.

The falling person graphic made me snicker.

Of course, finding the bathroom can be challenging, too … or as in this case, at a bar in Bratislava, pretty easy. But which handle?

Knowing which door to open is always a good thing, right?

One of the things I find the most fascinating about travel is how different people around the world do the things we all do. Where we “go” is obviously one of those things. 

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. There will be times when you will have to explore it on your own.

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