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Gift Ideas for Travelers

We may not be doing a lot of traveling due to COVID-19, but Christmas is still upon us and, hopefully, our spirit of giving is still alive and well. If you’re looking for a few tips on what to get for the person on your list with a chronic case of wanderlust, here’s a few of my essential travel items for inspiration:

A really nice pen and small notebook.

A NICE PEN and something to write on. I’m sure this is a hold-over from my days as a full-time journalist. Sure, you can throw in a classic bic stick pen or little freebie you picked up at a trade show, but there’s nothing like the weight and personality (yes, I think some pens have personality) of a really good pen … and what’s the point of something to write WITH if you have nothing to write ON? Grab a little 3-pack of cahiers that fit beautifully in any purse or pocket.

Cozy socks are available in all colors and styles.

Warm, cozy socks. When you get checked into your hotel room, the first thing you wanna do is kick off your shoes from walking around and exploring all day. Sometimes the rooms are carpeted, sometimes not, but in any case, who wants to walk around barefoot on a strange floor. Bonus: that cozy feeling of a comfy pair of socks.

My always-packed dopp kit includes a favorite toothbrush.

A toothbrush just for traveling. I know this seems a little odd, but hear me out. I have forgotten my battery-powered toothbrush on both ends of a trip so many times that I finally bought a second one just for travel. It lives in my dopp kit. Now I always have a toothbrush that I like no matter where I am. Any traveler on your list will appreciate it.

A clock you trust is essential … the projection part is a splurge.

A clock that projects on the ceiling. Sure, you can set the alarm on your cell phone AND set a wake-up call, but having a travel clock that you know how to set and reset again and again – and one you trust – makes it easier to know what time it is wherever you are and rest easy that the clock will work like you want it to. Mine projects the time on the ceiling so I don’t even have to roll over to see what time it is. It was a splurge and one of my all-time favorite things.

There’s nothing like a good book to pass the time. Photo by Laker on

A book – something that’s easy and fun. Get yourself or your traveling companion a crossword book or novel or even a joke book. Pocket sized is preferred, but choose something that’s as escapist as a vacation and relax while you turn the pages.

My passport holder was a well thought out gift!

A passport holder. There are hundreds of options out there so pick one that feels personal. Check to make sure it’s RFID blocking for additional safety. Many even offer pockets for a credit card or two and another ID, so it can double as a wallet.

Airport lounges offer comfort, light nibbles and a lot of quiet space. Photo by Connor Danylenko on

Membership to an airport lounge. This is that “big ticket” gift for someone extra special. Sure, it’s pricey, but oh so nice to have, especially on a long layover or between international flight connections. 

Style and comfort are easily achieved. Photo courtesy: PopSugar

A comfy, NICE LOOKING outfit to travel in. For those people who buy clothes as gifts (I’m always afraid it won’t fit or isn’t the right style) get that special someone something that looks good, travels well, resists wrinkles and is SUPER comfy. But please, let’s get rid of the sweats and jammies and amp up our travel outfit game! You really do get treated better when you dress the part.

Headphones or earbuds are almost essential.

Nice headphones or earbuds. I tend to go for the earbuds because headphones are too bulky for me; others swear by noise-cancelling over-the-ear jobs. Whatever your choice, having your own, good quality listening devices are essential for listening to music, watching a movie or just blocking out unwanted noises.

Throw a travel gift certificate under the tree for that special someone.

Of course, no travel gift list would be complete without the ultimate choice – a gift certificate for a flight, hotel, tour, cruise … you get the point. Most travel agents I know will create one for you if they don’t already offer one. Giving the gift of travel is the BEST!

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. It’s loads more fun when you’re comfy while you’re exploring it. Happy Holidays to one and all!

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